Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Thought Before Class

I have about thirty minutes before my piano class starts so i decided to post a blog entry. Haha, wow its been so long since I've done any of this.
I have recently realized how blessed I am to be alive and well, a great job! great friends, schooling that i actually want to do.
For instince, Yesterday I was singing in chorus class and I almost started crying because of the beauty of the voices, the internal heart switch turned on and i almost melted sitting there.
To be a part of such a symphony of praise. Even though most probably don't look at singing Gloria to be a personal worship to God but when my eyes were opened to what exactly we were saying and speaking of God, I was about to melt down and cry right there in front of everyone. I pleaded myself not to cry, "Sarah! Please don't cry! This is the first day of school! Please don't cry!". I didn't cry but I very well could have. To hear the intricate melodies so very different yet harmonizing in such a rich passion threatend to rip my heart out yet fill it with a love too great to explain.
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful instrument. I love to sing.

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